27 May 2013

I'm back. It's a miracle.

 So, it's been just about two years since my last post... Guess that means I'm a pro blogger, right?

 But seriously though, it's been a heck of a busy time. University does that. When you actually go and do the work, at least. Oh, and I moved house for the first time in 18 years. Which means I'm no longer 17 years old. I thought I'd updated that thing, but apparently not. So no, that wasn't time travel (if you paid any attention).

 Let's talk business (not actual business, because that's boring and unfun, and unfun isn't a word but I used it anyway so DEAL WITH IT).

 I've got three weeks and exams left for the semester. That means I have both lots of time and none at all. I'm going to do my best to actually blog about something (and no, I don't plan on any more of these boring-ass posts, because it's UNFUN (DEAL WITH IT) (yes, I use nested brackets. What of it?)) and that means I should tell you what to expect (because I'm a nice person, except for when I start commenting on my own comments like this, using lots of brackets, nested brackets, and even words that aren't real).

Here's a run-down of what I'm planning:
  • Late to the Game - I'm going to talk about video games. Is that so hard to figure out? Specifically, video games that were big hits, but that I haven't got around to playing until well after they came out. I'm hoping to give a more interesting perspective on those popular games by talking about them now that they aren't in the height of their popularity.

  • Sono Gaijin - That's not English! I know. It's Japanese. Written with English characters. I'm majoring in Japanese (because screw Computer Science. It's boring and I suck at mathematics anyway), so why not TALK about it? I'm going to devote some time to actually talking about what I'm learning, how I'm finding it, tips and tricks or other people learning Japanese, and any other little tidbits I find interesting. Don't worry, I'll talk about pop culture, too. That includes you, anime. "Sono Gaijin" basically means "That Foreigner", by the way. I didn't write it in Japanese for a few reasons, but mainly because I don't want it to be illegible (at least at this stage) to English readers (which is probably 99.999999% of you).

  • TeleTalk - I'm gonna talk about.... television. But not what's on TV when I turn the thing on, because most of it is rubbish. Nope, it'll be about whatever I'm currently watching (which means it's probably either going to be anime or tokusatsu). Don't like it? Deal with it.

  • Welcome to the Internet - This is my excuse to post whatever else I feel like posting. It could be stuff that is trending, opinions (particularly on stupid things. Hello, Xbox One. Yeah, I've already jumped on that bandwagon), or rants. Or other things. What other things? Things. Not a good enough answer? Deal with it. Does it really need a name? Yes. Yes it does. Why? Because I feel like it. Will I bother using the name? Maybe. So then is the name pointless if I don't use it? Are you still questioning me?

 And to finish, here's a competition: Count the amount of times I said "deal with it" in this post, then write that number on a piece of paper and eat it. Your prize is a trip to the hospital. Don't like it?


 But seriously though, I'm happy to be back. I think. I'll probably change my mind once I start getting hate mail.

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