19 Mar 2011

#1 Rule of Computer Nerds

 I don't know if this is exactly the number one rule, but it sure ranks high up there. In as much way as people are entitled to their own opinions, I came up with this "rule" because I think it makes complete sense, and it often comes up when talking about computers to someone as eager about them. It basically comes down to preference, but anyway, here it is:

 Rule #1: A nerd has their computer set up how they want it. Do not try to change their setup, because it belongs to them, therefore they are correct.

16 Mar 2011

Fresh Start

 Something I've been planning for a while but never really had the time to get around to starting was Gare. Whilst the idea started as its own business, and more specifically, for video games, I'm far from the point where that will happen, so I planned to blog about all those nerdy technological things in the mean time. Now I'm actually starting it.

 I don't do an awful lot in my spare time. It usually involves sitting at a computer or playing video games. Else I'll be playing piano. Sometimes I fiddle with gadgets or build models, and I love trying to make things do something they were never meant to -I constantly am trying to find ways to improve things. However, being good at dismantling something doesn't make one good at putting it back together, especially after (heavy) modifications.